Clayton I. Bennett

It’s been a joy to welcome you back to Thunder Basketball at Paycom Center this season, reconnecting with friends, family, and co-workers for the unpredictable thrills that only a live NBA experience can offer.

Throughout the ever-changing landscape of the last two years, we’ve deeply appreciated your support and patience as we’ve all had to navigate a multitude of challenges in our daily lives. These obstacles have only made us closer and stronger. We are all ready to reestablish our habits, routines, and traditions. I hope that you’re as inspired as we are to know that your game-night presence energizes more than the team, it fuels our community’s culture, economy, and passion.

We are excited about our path forward - as a community and as an organization. As we begin our 15th year of NBA basketball in Oklahoma City, the Thunder will continue to prioritize an unparalleled fan environment with first-class service and experiences. We look forward to improvements to Paycom Center supported by MAPS 4 over the coming years which will modernize our arena and enhance your night at a Thunder game.

As you watch our team develop, you are seeing a collection of people who are committed to each step of a journey to future success. They’re playing with resilience and heart and creating can’t-miss moments and memories for all of us along the way.

Thank you for your loyal support! It’s so nice to be together again and we love having you with us on our journey Onward.

Best Regards and THUNDER UP!

Clay Bennett


Know in advance you can’t make a game? Season Ticket Members now have the ability to trade in up to six games during the regular season for account credit that can be used for additional Thunder tickets during the 2022-23 season.

This brand new program offers you the ultimate flexibility to manage your season tickets next year. Be sure to ask your Thunder account manager for more details about this exclusive Season Ticket Member added-value benefit.

We hope you enjoy and take advantage of this ticket trade-in program next season!

As a valued Season Ticket Member in the Oklahoma City Thunder Family, you have earned the opportunity to relocate or upgrade your season tickets by activating your account for the 2022-23 season, based on availability. Similar to last year’s event, you will have an option to participate in TRUE through an in-person arena appointment or a virtual appointment.

Here are some quick things to remember:

  • Currently, TRUE is scheduled April 10 – 14. We will communicate further TRUE details once the season ticket activation deadline on Friday, March 11 has passed.
  • Your appointment date and time will be determined based on the Thunder Priority Points you have accumulated. You gain points in two ways:
    • You receive 50 points annually for activating your account.
    • You receive three points for every $250 that you spend with the Thunder on items like suite rentals and ticket packages.

If attending TRUE in person, we encourage you to arrive at least 15 minutes early to view available inventory so that you are fully prepared to upgrade or relocate your seats at your exact appointment time. Complimentary parking will be available, and the entrance to TRUE will be located at the SW entrance of Paycom Center.

If attending TRUE virtually, you will be provided an opportunity to view available seats using our online 3D system and will have ample time to complete your virtual relocation once your appointment starts.

A reminder notice will be sent to you approximately one week prior to and the day before your appointment.


Growing Our Arena Experience

2022 marks the 20th anniversary of Paycom Center! It was a crown jewel of the first MAPS plan, approved by voters in 1993.

Passed in 2019, MAPS 4 includes funds to help modernize the arena and continue to enhance your experience at Thunder games and other events.

City Council has approved a MAPS 4 Implementation Plan which outlines the schedule for the various phases of arena improvements, spanning several years.

The first of these projects to begin in 2022 include:

  • New seats for Loud City
  • New elevators

In 2023 we expect to complete additional improvements:

  • Further new seat implementation
  • New scoreboard
  • Signature bar and enhanced concessions for Loud City
  • Updated hospitality areas
  • General infrastructure upgrades

The Thunder, arena manager ASM Global, and the City of Oklahoma City are working directly with Populous, a global architecture and design firm specializing in building and remodeling large arenas and venues. Populous’ expertise and vision provides us with the confidence that these improvements over the coming years will greatly enhance your guest experience at Thunder games and all events held in the arena.

We are excited about the changes to come to the arena as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. But even more than the physical changes, we are looking forward to the wonderful memories and moments we will all experience together in a modernized Paycom Center.



We are excited to announce that your Cash Assist credit will increase from 10% to 15%, a 50% increase, for the 2022-23 NBA season! The Cash Assist program continues to be one of our most frequently used Season Ticket Member benefits with the large majority of accounts receiving a cash credit toward their 2022-23 season-ticket activation.

During 2022-23 season, simply scan your digital Season Ticket Member ID card prior to each concession purchase to automatically receive a 15% Cash Assist credit that will be applied towards your following season ticket activation.

We hope you continue to enjoy this enhanced Season Ticket Member benefit and earn unlimited 15% Cash Assist credit toward your season tickets with each concessions purchase! It’s another way for us to show you much we appreciate your loyal and passionate support for Thunder Basketball!


2022-23 Season Ticket Member Pricing

Ticket prices are noted per game and includes all applicable fees.

Download the map as a PDF.


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