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Turquoise, the color of friendship in Native American culture, is symbolic of the 11th anniversary stone which coincides with the 11th season of Thunder Basketball.

OKC is the central point of the uniform and the state. The interlocking geometric shapes flow and fit together perfectly. Separate letterforms blend together to create one shape. All shapes point inward to the heart of the state, OKC. 

The sash points east towards the rising sun. Also representative of the Oklahoma River, the teeth interlock and act as bridges, blurring the lines where the two colors unite. Navy blends with turquoise; dark to light, night to day, where both become one. 

The secondary mark and visual focus of the shorts, the belt icon utilizes geometric shapes to create letterforms that point inward towards OKC. The shapes along the outer edge are representative of the four corners of the medicine wheel.

Visually inspired by traditional native regalia.  Each square is representative of a community, and as that community grows, it expands outward. These groups of people expand until they run into another group where they merge and unite as one.

United As One. Bridges bring cities together, events bring people together.

Inspired by the Turtle Shell, the circle symbolizes the Earth and recognizes the tribes that line the outside. The shapes inside represent communities coming together. The four legs of the turtle are symbolic of the four corners of the medicine wheel, with the tail pointing north. 

The short and shoulder sash represent traditional native regalia set in Thunder secondary colors, uniting the brand with the vision.

The 11 stars that run down the striping of the jersey are representative of the 11th season of Thunder Basketball. The geometric shape of the stars is inspired by the angular design of the uniform.