Clayton I. Bennett

For 16 seasons, we have enjoyed the excitement of the Thunder game experience. Some of you have been with us since the beginning, others have joined along the way. I am deeply grateful for your loyalty and commitment to our organization.

Quite simply, there is nothing like a Thunder home game and you play a vital role.

We will never take your support for granted. We remain steadfast in providing you with first-class service, attention, and an NBA experience like no other.

It has been a thrilling season as we watch this group of young men play with an unparalleled competitive spirit. We look forward to seeing you the rest of this season and beyond as the momentum of our city continues.

Best Regards and THUNDER UP!

Clay Bennett

Ticket Membership – Benefits Breakdown

Benefit Full Season Half-Season Quarter-Season
Dedicated personal Account Manager assigned to help maximize your experience
Discounts on other select Thunder Events, i.e. Thunder Youth Basketball, and Recess with Rumble.
Ultimate Flexibility to manage your tickets digitally through your Online Account Manager
Savings on seats compared to single-game pricing
Access to a variety of flexible payment plan options
Will receive Playoff Priority  
Ability to renew your membership in the same seat location for the following season & earn priority points  
Opportunity after each season to explore improving/upgrading your seating location based on availability  
Discounts at the Thunder Shop 10% 10%  
Earn Cash Assist credits that can be used towards the following season's membership plan 15% 5%  
Access to the Ticket Trade-In Program 6 GAMES 3 GAMES  
The best seat locations in each price section of the arena    
Free points to utilize for Thunder Experiences    
Exclusive invites to Season Ticket Member Events    
Your name included on the Season Ticket Member Recognition Wall on the main concourse    

As a valued Half-Season Ticket Member in the Oklahoma City Thunder family, you have earned the opportunity to relocate or upgrade your tickets by activating your account for the 2024-25 season, based on availability. You will have an option to participate in TRUE through an in-person arena or virtual appointment.


Here are some quick things to remember:  

  • We’re aiming to hold this event the first week of April. More details will be shared after Friday, March 15.
  • Your appointment date and time will be determined based on your accumulated Thunder Priority Points. You gain points in two ways:
    • 50 points annually for activating your account.
    • 3 points for every $250 that you spend on direct Thunder ticket purchases.

If you wish to upgrade your ticket membership to a full-season ticket plan for the 2024-25 season, you must purchase a deposit for that number of seats. Deposits are $200 per seat and must be purchased by the Friday, March 15 deadline.

If you wish to add half-season seats to your Thunder account for the 2024-25 season, you must make a deposit for the number of seats are looking to add. Deposits are $100 per seat and must be purchased by the Friday, March 15 deadline.

If attending TRUE in person, we encourage you to arrive at least 20 minutes early to view available inventory so that you are fully prepared to upgrade or relocate your seats at your exact appointment time. Complimentary parking is available and you will need to enter the arena through the southwest entrance.

If attending TRUE virtually, you will be given an opportunity to view available seats using our online 3D system and will have ample time to complete your virtual relocation once your appointment starts.

A reminder notice will be sent to you approximately one week prior to and the day before your appointment.


2024-25 Half-Season Ticket Pricing

Ticket prices are noted per game and includes all applicable fees.

Download Half-Season map PDF

2024 Playoffs Pricing

As a Half-Season Ticket Member, if the Thunder earn the right to play in the 2024 NBA Playoffs, you will receive the ability to purchase a pre-assigned location(s) for the entire NBA Playoffs. These playoff seat assignments will be based on your Thunder priority, with the goal of assigning a comparable location to the regular season.

Play-In Tournament

Click for pricing map.



If you have activated your seats for the 2024-25 season and are paying by credit/debit card, you may elect to pay for the 2024 Thunder home NBA playoff games at the conclusion of each round.


You may pay in advance for the first 10 games of the post-season with check, cash or credit card to secure your location for the duration of the NBA Playoffs. Payments in advance will be required for any games played following the 2nd Round of the NBA Playoffs. Credits from games not played will be automatically applied to your 2024-25 Thunder season ticket account unless otherwise requested for refund.

As in past seasons, 100 Level, Cox Club Level and Love’s Loud City tickets will be managed via the Thunder Mobile App and your Online Account Manager. Tickets will be available after each game is officially announced.


While the Thunder cannot predict how many seats may be available for each NBA home playoff game, you can request additional tickets through your Thunder Account Manager. Following the conclusion of the 2024-25 renewal period, and subsequent opt-in for the 2024 NBA Playoffs, we will evaluate the demand for additional tickets for Thunder Season Ticket Members. Based on availability, and your current Thunder Priority Points, there may be an opportunity to add seats to your account for the duration of the 2024 NBA Playoffs at Paycom Center.


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