Do you come out to a handful of Thunder games each season? Did you know the team offers a wide range of package options through our front office? Whether you'd like to come out to just a few games or attend 1 or 2 game per month, we have a package for you – including the benefits you won't find anywhere else, but without added taxes and fees.

Submit your information below and a ticket rep will be in contact, or if you want to see even more Thunder action, we’ve got you covered! Click here to find out more about our package options with 10-43 games!

Benefits Breakdown

Partial Ticket
Dedicated personal account manager assigned to help maximize your experience
Discounts on other select Thunder Events, i.e. Thunder Youth Basketball, Recess With Rumble and Thunder Run
Ultimate flexibility to manage your tickets digitally through your Online Account Manager
Savings on seats compared to single-game pricing


Note: The partial plans shown below are from the 2019-20 season and are meant to serve as examples of the options we typically offer. The 2022-23 season partial plans will be determined at a later date. Place a deposit for a package by clicking BUY NOW or submit your information using the form below, and a Thunder representative will contact you.


Choose from a selection of predetermined 8-Game packages with seating options in Love’s Loud City.


Get a Pick 6 plan and join us for the most highly anticipated games paired with a selection of five other games throughout the season.


Choose anywhere from 4-10 games from a selection of games in seating options all over the arena.


Give the gift of Thunder by purchasing one of our holiday plans and cheer on our Thunder during some of the biggest games.


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Account Rep

Amir Bhakta

Call or text: 405.429.7714
Email: abhakta@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Caymen Bishop

Call or text: 405.429.7769
Email: cbishop@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Gracie Brown

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Email: gbrown@okcthunder.com

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Matthew Cochran

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Email: mcochran@okcthunder.com

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Kyle Cofer

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Email: kcofer@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Cate Decker

Call or text: 405.429.7775
Email: cdecker@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Jackson Dorsey

Call or text: 405.429.7756
Email: jdorsey@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Cole Douglas

Call or text: 405.429.7716
Email: cdouglas@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Kenzie Downs

Call or text: 405.429.7748
Email: kdowns@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Ryan Hock

Call or text: 405.429.7762
Email: rhock@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Brenna Holley

Call or text: 405.429.7846
Email: bholley@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Travis Hytche

Call or text: 405.429.7765
Email: thytche@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Justin Jordan

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Email: jjordan@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Chris Kade

Call or text: 405.429.7706
Email: ckade@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Mac Maddox

Call or text: 405.429.7736
Email: mmaddox@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Alex Morrow

Call or text: 405.429.7753
Email: amorrow@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Andrew Nash

Call or text: 405.208.4702
Email: anash@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Peter Pendergrass

Call or text: 405.429.7779
Email: ppendergrass@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Jordan Simmons

Call or text: 405.429.7773
Email: jsimmons@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Rachel Sivinski

Call or text: 405.429.7776
Email: rsivinski@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Madi Steyer

Call or text: 405.429.7785
Email: msteyer@okcthunder.com

Account Rep

Melissa Vara

Call or text: 405.429.7778
Email: mvara@okcthunder.com